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Everton vs Crystal Palace highlights

Everton boss Frank Lampard, speaking to Match of the Day, says: “I’m absolutely delighted. It was everything we needed today. We’ve been on a tough run of games which we have competed in but today had everything. It had the organisation, the aggression and real energy in the team and them some real quality goals from us against a real quality opposition.

“It was a really good afternoon for us to see players feel that confidence and to see players come into the game that haven’t been getting so many minutes and that’s great for the group.

“I talk a lot about realism and keeping ourselves in check because it can be very up and down. The thing is to try and stay stable and keep working. The squad is pretty new in places and you saw performances from some of those players today. The more they settle, we can move in a good direction. We have to keep ourselves on the ground and try and replicate the energy and the way we played and our idea like we did today.”

Everton vs Crystal Palace .
Score: 3-0.

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