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Arthur Blank looks to the future with US Soccer coming to Atlanta

Arthur Blank, owner of Atlanta United and NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, inspired the creation of US Soccer headquarters and national training facility in Atlanta, Georgia by pledging $50m to assist with the project.

Ever since the Five Stripes joined the Major League Soccer in 2017, the world’s most popular sport has continued to grow with the help of the passionate fans in Atlanta that show up week in and week out at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Blank brought in the shiny new stadium in 2017 to help drive change in Atlanta, and his efforts to bring the Stars and Stripes HQ to the ‘soccer capital of the south’ is no different.

“By having these world class facilities here, I think we’ll be able to maximize all of their soccer teams and the entire soccer program throughout the United States,” Blank said after a press conference before Atlanta’s 5-2 triumph over Inter Miami on Saturday.

“Whether it be playing in World Cups, playing Olympics, playing local levels, playing team levels, playing leagues dealing with disabilities.. all of that really makes it beautiful.”

Instead of jumping around from city to city during international breaks, Blank pointed out that the US will now have one location to meet up and train at in preparation for games and tournaments.

The US was previously situated in Chicago, Illinois dating back to 1991.

“… I think having not only a permanent home, a headquarters, but having permanent facilities, training facilities, they do make a huge difference.”

The exact location of the training facility has not yet been announced but is expected to be finalized in early 2024.

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